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Dewan Mushtaq Trade Limited is the trading arm of YD Companies. The company was established in the year 2005 and since then it is working towards developing a robust and sustainable business portfolio of products and international partners. In its first year of operations the company managed a turnover of over USD 10 Million besides commission business USD 20 Million exports of ethanol. Achievement in the short span of time is in itself a testament to DMTLís aggressive growth strategy. DMTLís operating philosophy is to work through selected international partners of repute, enabling a highly focused and target oriented approach towards marketing & selling of partner products. The company is also pursuing manufacturing of Paints and Bio-energy products exports through JV arrangement with its partners.
DMTL currently has five major SBUs in its domain, Paints and Pre-treatment, Chemicals, Indent & Bulk Commodities, Ethanol Exports and Plastics.

Paints and Pre-treatment

DMTL exclusively represent KCC Ė Korea in Pakistan for their entire product range covering paints and construction products. The Major areas of focus in the Paints Business are Heavy Duty, Refinish and Decorative Paints. DMTL in a very short span of time has developed a long list of reputable customers including MNCís in the industrial and OEM sectors. DMTL is also at out set of setting pre-treatment business.


In the Chemicals Business DMTL focus on a agency relationships with renowned International suppliers, and in a short span of under 2 years has managed 6 international agencies with active dialogue underway with many others. At the same time DMTL have developed a product portfolio consisting of select general and specialty chemicals targeted at the major industrial sectors of the country like sugar, plastic, petroleum, ethanol, textile and others .

Indent & Bulk Commodities

Bulks Business is the major contributor of DMTL turnover and profits. Indent business of cement Clinker, mil scales, Chromium and ethanol of distillers other than group are major area of business. The business is actively pursuing developments in the Metals, Seeds, and food sectors.

Ethanol Exports

DMTL have successfully developed a reputation for Dewan Group as a Top Quality Ethanol supplier in Europe and Asia. Different grades of Ethanol are sold in the international market produced by Dewan Distillery. Ethanol Export business has annual turnover of USD 25 Million. We take the advantage of Pakistan being 4th largest exporter of the world.

PP Woven Bags

DMTL is currently responsible for the management of the Polypropylene business and sells over 30 million Polypropylene Woven bags and 18 million Polyethylene liners to various industrial sectors such as fertilizer, rice exporters, poultry feed, chemicals and food grain sectors. The business is actively pursuing expansion in the sector and Is engaged in active dialogue with upcoming International manufacturers of plastic raw material for representation in Pakistan.

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